I love jigsaws and mosaics. I love the way all the individual pieces fit together to form an image.

Before I left Cairns I cut a sheet of pastel board into 20 cm squares. It’s much easier to carry around in a suitcase, and I thought that they might come in handy at some point in our trip back to Tasmania.

The other day I was looking at a drawing that I had done on one of the squares and decided that it needed ‘extending’.

It’s early days, but you can see what I’m up to. I intend to add in all 4 directions and see how far I can take this idea. The details inside each square do not have to relate to any other squares, but the ‘exit’ shapes (on the outer edge) must join with those on the following squares, just like a jigsaw!



About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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