The other day while I was looking through my files on my MacBook Pro, I came across the image that is today’s featured artwork.

I know I have posted this digital drawing before, but I thought it deserved an encore feature.

This artwork was entered in an art competition that was part of a fishing Expo. It didn’t win, but it was the first sold.

I love doing this type of work, maybe I should do more.



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2 Responses to DIGITAL ART

  1. Edna says:

    Beautifully drawn, elegantly simple and very clever Richard……good for it’s time and especially good for now too!!

    A couple of years ago I tried a simple approach and submitted a painting called ‘Tassie Icons’ that featured a Boags beer can, a TV set picturing trees, an axe, and bullet belt, for an exhibition about the Tasmanian environment. It wasn’t hung because it was considered too controversial they said. (Forestry wouldn’t like it). It did make me wonder why that same kind of work was acceptable twenty years ago – or perhaps the places I exhibited were more tolerant and people weren’t so earnestly politically correct then.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Edna, I’m sure Steve would like this one, too!
      Sounds as if you should have put your painting in the Glover. Having experience ‘censorship’ myself, I know how you must of felt. You obviously struck a nerve, with an excellent painting. Maybe you should try again!

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