I love the challenge of featuring water in my coloured pencil art. Over the years and through several styles I have expressed water in many stages from still and placid to fast moving.

As with all 2D art it’s all about creating the illusion that water is real. This requires a great deal of study and observation.

During my 12-month trip I have been privileged to see some spectacular seas, rivers and waterfalls. I expect that some will feature in my major exhibition in March 2013.

Portraying moving water is the greatest challenge, but reflections can be at times, quite testing. Reflections need to be accurate, not guessed. To ensure that you have the reflection right, simply turn your painting upside down. You will soon notice if you are successful. Sometimes these paintings look better upside down!

From the top:

Image 1: Waves are brilliant subjects, but you need to spend time visiting beaches and headlands to just stare at the way they form and roll. This is not guess work, you need to be ‘real’. Watch and take plenty of photos, each wave is different.

Image 2: Tumbling water with the minimum of detail.

Image 3: Smooth and bubbling water from a small stream make an interesting subject.  I like the balance between stillness and movement.

Image 4: A still day on a lake, where peace is easily found.

Image 5: A highland stream where gentle ripples are numerous.

Image 6: A rock-strewn river where water cascades.

Image 7: A quiet lake backwater. It’s important to ensure that the reflections are accurate. This is a very ‘still’ scene with a feeling of depth. Light is in the foreground, shade in the background.

Image 8: Sunset and low tide on a beach far away from the madding crowd. The colours of the sky (angled strokes) are reflected in the water (horizontal strokes).

Image 9: A lowland stream where the river is only partly visible.

More examples on Wednesday



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2 Responses to WATERWAYS

  1. mye1212 says:

    Wow, so beautiful. Congratulations on the show. Where is it? Are you selling original works, or prints? You’ve given me something to aspire to! I love the still water with it’s reflections and then the movement of the water…very nicely done. The ocean is gorgeous too.

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