My home state Tasmania, and indeed mainland Australia is a wonderful resource for any artist wishing to paint waterfalls and fast-moving streams. From the monsoon country in the Northern Territory to the horizontal rain experienced on Tasmania’s rugged West Coast, one can say we are spoilt for choice.

Waterfalls and river rapids have always been high on my list of favourite subjects to paint. I love the sound of tumbling water, the smell, the spray and just being there. Some of the places I visit are so secluded that I feel like I’m intruding. Maybe I am.

I have yet to paint any of the waterfalls and rivers that I have visited on my current trip on the Australian mainland, but I do intend to include some examples in my exhibition in March 2013.

Such places deserve respect and that comes through detailed observation and long visits. I take heaps of photos from different angles and depths. One needs to listen to the water as it falls and identify with its surroundings. The feeling of being a ‘stranger’ is at times a spiritual experience, but is necessary if you are to truly identify with your subject.

I love standing at such sites to simply watch and listen.

Today’s selection of images are examples from Tasmania.

From the top:

Image 1: A long, quiet pool on the delightful Liffey River. This part of the river is in rainforest. At the end of each pool the river tumbles over rocks and continues its journey.

Image 2: One of the Liffey’s waterfalls. Winter rains explode through a rock wall.

Image 3: At the base of the biggest falls on the Liffey River, the Liffey Falls, a popular tourist attraction.

Image 4: An overflowing ditch on a farm property near Mathinna in Tasmania’s North East Highlands. Lots of action here, but on a small scale.

Image 5: St. Columba Falls in North East Tasmania is one of my favourite subjects.

Image 6: Another Liffey River pool.

Image 7: Below the Liffey Falls.



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4 Responses to FALLING WATER

  1. Richard Love your water posts (water works!!!!!). I am a water person… swimming in, drinking, painting with (coloured) photographing and painting works including watery aspects…. be they clouds, mists, fog, waves, calm passages, storms, waterfalls, dew drops on leaves…… Recently I conducted a workshop on my crashing waves technique and intend to include one on waterfalls in the next series. I know all these spots and love your works (and waterfalls and cascades give us the opportunity to give the contrasting solidity of rock forms)..

  2. mye1212 says:

    As always, lovely work. Very inspirational. I’m jealous of all the waterfalls. I live in Florida, USA and the state is flat. But you are making me want to explore my natural surroundings more. Thanks for sharing your work.

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