It’s nice now and then to break away from the art you are doing and ‘push the boat out’.

During my series, ‘Bread’, I combined my love of (at the time) all things bread and waterfalls.

Today’s featured work is one of three that I did, and was inspired by the Liffey Falls in Northern Tasmania, a place that I have visited and painted (and drawn) many times.

In 1988 I held an exhibition in the (then) Liffey Gallery, so you can tell that I have a love (and understanding) of the area.

This was really a ‘fun’ piece to do, but I was intent on making it an illusionary work in that the viewer saw the waterfall first, then the bread.

How did you view it?

I quite like boat trips now and then.


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  1. Kate says:

    Bread and water — very biblical. Thought-provoking for me today because I am really struggling with my Catholic faith. I’d like to see a close up of your finished piece to study the details.

  2. Ester Roi says:

    Well, Richard, I definitely saw the waterfall first. Then my eyes fell on those enormous stone blocks which made me think that the waterfall was man made until… until I realized this was one of your bread drawings where everything is an illusion. Very clever!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Ester. I love the ‘illusion’ aspect of the art we do. I’m currently writing a magazine article on my ‘Bread’ series and have thought of many other possibilities with this theme. I hope to get back to it one day.

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