I was unsuccessful in making this year’s finalists’ list for the Glover Prize, and although I’m a little disappointed I know that’s life and I must get on with it and try again!

I have included my statement to add meaning to my painting.

Congratulations to all 43 finalists, you are all winners!



The shearers’ quarters at the historic property of Cheshunt, in the Meander Valley, has stood deserted for many decades. The silence that now pervades belies its past.

The morning light catches a single pane of glass, part of a decaying window on the building’s eastern side.

It’s late Summer and the birds are enjoying the spoils of an excellent berry season. They often stop and rest above the window frame.

Along with the birds, the harsh Winters and warm Summers have made their marks on the glass. The result is a view that becomes more distorted and mysterious as each year passes.

A view that was once purely realistic has become a marriage of Impressionism and abstraction –  an example of natural stained glass.


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4 Responses to NOT THIS YEAR

  1. Well Richard I think you are a winner even if they will not hang that work.
    Many of us have followed your posts enthusiastically, learning so many things about the process of preparing for an elite exhibition. The statement reads well and the whole combination is thought provoking.
    It does not equate to money in the bank for you, but a very big thank you for sharing, therefore providing, for me, the most valuable painting in the whole exhibition!

  2. Edna says:

    I was unsuccessful too and it’s always disappointing but as you say good luck to those who were selected and better luck next year. I always enjoy going to the Glover exhibition and looking at some of the excellent work and also to sometimes wonder why particular works were chosen.

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