Nearly all of my art is in colour, but now and then I like to draw using only line. It’s how I started my art over 50 years ago and it’s still something I enjoy.

Drawing this way is about as basic as it gets. You start with a single line and add……more lines, slowly giving your drawing depth in detail and tone.

Not all line drawings need to be complex. Saying a lot with very little is indeed a special skill and I love simple, understated art in line.

Today’s featured drawings were created using biro, yes, biro, a much under-valued drawing medium.

The magnificent Liffey Valley was the subject for these drawings. This beautiful part of Northern Tasmania contains wonderful areas of rainforest, bisected by the Liffey River. The sights, sounds and smells are pure and as Nature had intended them to be.

I use a great  deal of variation with various widths of line and dots to give the illusion of movement and depth. This I equate to the layering method when working with coloured pencils.

Now and then, a little bit of ‘black and white’ isn’t such a bad thing.


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6 Responses to WATER IN LINE

  1. I love Liffey Falls. Thankyou so much for your inspiration.
    I love the movement in your water.

  2. Wonderful black and white line drawings, so much detail and nice values. This is how I started years ago in high school art, we used pen and ink and worked with line and pointilism. I haven’t done anything like that since I picked up colored pencils, maybe I should try it again.

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