Waterfalls have always been high on my list of favourite art subjects and today I want to share some more examples with you. Some are majestic, while others are quite humble. All of them though, make for a wonderful spectacle.

From the Top:

1: The Barron Falls near Cairns in Far North Queensland are a magnificent sight after the Wet season. The noise, spray and panorama of so much water falling, is simply an awesome sight to behold.

2: Late afternoon light on the Victoria Falls in Tasmania’s Liffey Valley, a special time in a very special place. All one can hear is the water.

3: Middle Falls, Liffey Valley. A narrow opening results in a fierce torrent of water after heavy rain. This can be a very noisy place at times.

4: Pencil Pine Falls, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, in one of Tasmania’s finest national parks. A delightful waterfall in an area of much colour in late Summer and early Autumn.

5: Below the Liffey Falls, where the air is full of the sounds of gurgling water. Here there are wonderful backwaters and large rocks.



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2 Responses to WATERFALLS

  1. Guess what my students want to do in next Tuesday’s class….. waterfalls. May put some photos on my blog. Yours are lovely and I have been to all of the locations. I love trying to make it look as though the water is moving…. quite a challenge, especially I feel in pencil.

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