Last week I took my 8,000th photo on our trip. We are in the 11th month of our travels and aim to be back in Tasmania sometime next month.

I have so many photos in so many files that I’m a little overwhelmed with all the information I gathered.

Most of my photos are realistic, but I also love to delve into the world of abstraction now and then.

By peeling back the ‘layers’ of certain images, I am able to reveal aspects of their ‘abstract’ side. This is where the inspiration comes for my abstract paintings – everyday scenes seen in different ways.

None of the 6 images featured today are special, but they open the door to abstract possibilities.

The first 5 images all contain foam, while the last one is of a rock face.

By removing some of the detail of what we see, we can change not only what it was, but open up new possibilities for its interpretation. It can become a matter how we feel about what we see, rather than knowing exactly what it is.

There is a lot of ‘mystery’ within this type of work (thinking).

I enjoy ‘playing’ with many of the photos I take to see if I can create something new and fresh. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it can be a revelation.

Food for thought?


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