Today I want to share with you the source material for 2 abstract drawings that I did last August while staying at Innisfail in Far North Queensland. The location was significant because it was nearby Etty Beach that was the inspiration for both artworks.

An evening walk along the beach resulted in a series of photos of waves hitting the shore. There were nice areas of foam and bubbles on the sand, all excellent ingredients for some digital manipulation.

This type of digital work is not planned, it just happens. This is one aspect of digital photography that I really enjoy as such experimenting can bring surprising results. It’s knowing when to stop that is important when ‘creating’ these images.

Top Image: This became a symbolic, self-portrait: ‘I am a rock from an island’, completed at a time when I was rather homesick.

Second Image: The reference image for the first painting.

Third Image: An abstract developed from the fourth image.

I work with a lot of photos, often several for one painting. I don’t copy a single photo in its exact detail, I ‘interpret’ what I see. I see no sense in direct  copying, as I consider that craft not fine art. Art is about the way you see the world, not the way a camera sees it. Yes, I use photos a lot, but I ‘gleam’ the detail I want when constructing a painting. I also work from objects when I can.


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  1. Kate says:

    I am inspired, once again!

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