The former shearers’ quarters (pictured) at the historic property Cheshunt, has been the subject of 3 paintings for me so far, and I have another well underway that I aim to complete (along with a few others) when I return to Tasmania next month.

Instead of painting the building itself, I concentrated on what was inside and what the view was of the outside world from within.

Painting 1: Silence at the Table, featured a scene from inside the first room (the 2 windows to the right of the outside doorway).

Painting 2: Silent Light, featured the window furthest left.

Painting 3: Stained Glass, Cheshunt, is of a pane of glass from (inside) the window, second from the left.

Painting 4: (under construction) is of the same room as the first painting, but it’s a view of the door from inside the room.

This building is fascinating and it’s full of potential. Such ‘goldmine’ subjects as these deserve more than a passing glance!



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2 Responses to INSIDE AND OUT

  1. Edna says:

    Great series Richard!

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