I often travel some distance to get the ideas for my artwork. Last year I went as far as Darwin! But it’s all in a good cause and I enjoy the challenge.

Today’s artwork is one that I did without leaving my front yard, it’s a view of a section of fence on our northern boundary.

I remember this drawing rather well. It was created during a time where I was exploring the transparent quality in some of the leaves I had been collecting. I was walking down the side path to the back of our block when I saw how the sunlight was making some of the leaves hanging over the fence glow. Of course, I just had to draw it!

It’s a typical hard-edged drawing of mine, but there are some soft areas that make a nice contrast with the dark fence. There is also some mystery. What’s on the other side of the fence? Some of the leaves ‘billow’ like sails on a yacht. Abstraction is partnered with realism to form (I hope) an interesting artwork.



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