The humble biro is a great drawing tool. Its versatility makes it an important weapon in an artist’s arsenal.

Today’s featured drawings were all done on cartridge paper with an extra sheet of paper underneath that acted as a cushion and made for smoother drawing.

Closer examination reveals that each drawing is composed of small lines, marks and dots. Building up areas with overlapping lines results in the illusion of tone. Angled lines are employed where movement is required.


Sisters Creek: A lovely area of rainforest in Northwest Tasmania. This is a beautiful babbling creek, full of backwaters, runs and ripples.

Shell Study: A shell in situ at Sisters Beach.

Cottage at Dunrobin: This lovely cottage, protected by trees lies in the northern end of the Derwent Valley in southern Tasmania.

Cottage at Pyengana: I love the variety of objects in this drawing.

The Richmond Bridge: A Tasmanian icon that is located in the south east of the state.

St. Columba Falls: A superb waterfall near Pyengana in Northeast Tasmania.


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2 Responses to BIRO DRAWING

  1. mye1212 says:

    Beautiful…as always!

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