I have seen many forests on my 12 month trip on the Australian mainland and I have many photos to ponder over when I finally get the chance to paint.

During my 6 days at Bateman’s Bay I managed to start a small drawing of a forest I visited while visiting Herberton, in Far North Queensland.

This forest is quite unique in that it is full of young trees and recently there was a controlled burn-off to prevent the grass from becoming a fire hazard in the drier months (the middle of the year).

The scene is one of only ‘slight devastation and is dominated by verticals.

Today I have posted the results of my first 2 sessions of creating this drawing.

As you can see there is much to be done. My next task is to add detail to the foreground and then a green ‘band’ will fill the entire width of the background, followed by a smaller burnt orange band.

For this drawing I am using Prismacolors on a piece of grey mount board, not pastel board as I normally do. When one is travelling, one has to do what one can with what one has to do it on!

I hope to post an update before I arrive back in Tasmania.


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  1. margaux says:

    The simplicity of image 1 gives me goose bumps! Love it!!

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