Just over a week has passed by and we have moved back into our home in Tasmania. I still have mixed feelings about being home. We have been greeted with cold mornings and sunny, still days, but they’re not what we’ve been used to over the past 12 months. I suppose over time I will adjust, but we are already talking about our next trips. The first will be to the north island of New Zealand, followed by a trip to Uluru, in South Australia.

Now it’s back to reality.

I have my studio ready for work and that pleases me greatly. It took a bit of work, moving and cleaning, but I now have more space than before. I have changed my mind for my first painting and have opted to “revisit” Darwin, the home of the Rock Garden of Eden. I will post updates on the progress of my first painting.

Today I’m at Latrobe, a lovely “arty” town in Northwest Tasmania. I am delivering 6 paintings for June Wilson’s gallery’s first exhibition that will be opened (by me) this Friday evening. I also have an interview with The Examiner newspaper in the morning and I’m stopping off at Deloraine on the way home to meet artist, Robyn McNeil. It’s all go!

I’m still yet to decide about a move to oil painting. There are several major art prizes that I aim to enter and I know that my best chance lies with oil paints. With over 3,000 pencils in my collection, the idea of moving completely to oils is a bit daunting. Maybe I shall end up working with both.



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