Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of opening a gallery in Latrobe Tasmania. June Wilson’s Studio Gallery is a welcome addition to the town and is fully supported by Mayor Michael Gaffney. Judging by the large turnout the town is certainly behind June and Brian Wilson. Everyone was happy and a great night was had by all. There were even a few red stickers about!

I wish June and Brian every success in their venture and I am confident that it will be an asset not only to Latrobe, but to the overall art scene in Tasmania. There can never be too many art galleries, especially in a town that boast 11 hairdressers and 14 coffee shops! ( 2 more will open soon)

Here is a summary what I said at the opening:

Galleries play an important role in the infrastructure of any successful town or community. They encourage artists to show their work and provide a venue for social interaction. Those that conduct workshops add another dimension that can bring further benefits to a broad audience.

A balanced interaction between gallery, artists and art patrons is vital if the former is to succeed.

A gallery sets its own standards by the artists it chooses to represent. It charges a commission that is fair to both parties, but needs to ensure that it promotes its artists whenever and wherever possible. A gallery needs to encourage patrons, preferably on a regular basis. It needs to build a solid invitation list and offer regular, changing exhibitions. A gallery should be an exciting place to visit and this is where the role of the curator is so important. A yearly program of key and general exhibitions will maintain the interest from patrons.

Artists should provide the gallery with their best work. What hangs on the walls says a lot about each artist as well as the gallery. An artist is only as good as their latest painting. Artists should offer their work for sale at realistic prices As an artist improves their prices increase. Buyers need to get value for their money, whether they are buying for pleasure or as an investment..

Support from the general public is vital for any gallery’s success. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best way to find out what is new and worth seeing. Buying artwork ensures the gallery’s financial viability as well as its artists.

If all 3 parties work together, everyone benefits.

Back to Monday’s post, number 1,000. Did you identify the image?

It’s one of our concrete steps near our back door. The circle-like shape is a watermark. It makes for an interesting landscape don’t you think?

On Monday I will post a photo of the first painting for my March 2013 exhibition.


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  2. Hello
    Just wanted to let you know we have included a link to this page from an article we published today about June Wilson…
    I’m sorry to leave a comment like this, but I couldn’t find an email address to do it privately.
    Tania – Think Tasmania

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