After a lot of thought and investigation I have decided to combine my love for photography with my art in a more direct way, that being digital painting. More about this move in a future post. I am quite excited about this move and I already have completed several images.

At this stage I don’t intend to combine coloured pencil painting with digital painting in my exhibition next March. I think they need to stand alone. If I can get the print quality standard I want, then I will consider an exhibition maybe next year. I also have to consider the presentation of each piece, and there needs to be a bit of thinking about how I want the work to look. One also has to consider the cost and retail price. People want value for money, but so does the artist!

Today’s featured image is my second painting that will be part of my March 2013 exhibition. As you can see it’s full of strong colours and well-defined shadows.

My third painting is developing well, but the colour palette is rather different. I will post an update soon.

I expect to add 1 or 2 paintings from the 25 I produced while in Far North Queensland. The overall ‘balance’ of what I choose to exhibit is important, so I intend to wait until I have finished more paintings before deciding what (if any) I should include from my trip.



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