The third painting for my March 2013 exhibition is finished. I have decided to include two from my recent travels, meaning that at this point in time I have 5 to exhibit.

My next (6th) painting is of a group of rocks from Hervey Bay, Queensland. When this one is completed I will commence a short series of landscapes that feature rocks, but not in as dominant a way as the first 6 have done.

I want this collection of work to have a balance between realism and abstraction, rocks, shadows and water.

Today’s photo of my latest painting reveals a composition full of various sized stones, over 1,000 to be exact. Next week I will show you my collection thus far to show the differences between the 5. Just because they feature rocks doesn’t mean that they all look the same.

Friday: Details of a new painting from Hervey Bay,  featuring strong abstract patterns.



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4 Responses to NEW PAINTING

  1. artshed70 says:

    Nice work – is it colour pencil? Looks like acrylic.

  2. Robyn says:

    Very nice Richard. I think this is my favourite

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