Yesterday I finished (except for some touching up here and there) my latest painting, that being of some rocks from Hervey Bay in Queensland where we stayed over Christmas for 30 days.

This painting is more about colour and abstract shapes than the rocks themselves and is in keeping with 5 other paintings of rocks from Darwin and the Daintree that I have completed thus far for my exhibition next March.

Today I will look at some of the waterfalls I visited over the past year and see if any would be suitable for inclusion in my exhibition. I am very concerned about the overall ‘look and feel’ of the work that I choose. What started as an exhibition of rock formations has developed into a collection paintings of objects and scenes that ‘moved’ me on my travels. It’s a “work in progress”.

Yesterday I took delivery of proofs of my new business card and my first digital print. More about both of them next week.



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  1. Hi Richard,

    Love your new work, I have often been facinated by the patterns on rocks and admire the way you turn them into such intereting art works. Could you give me an idea of the size of the works, I keep imagining them but never quite sure what size they will be.

    I have also enjoyed going back and reading your previous blogs, and found the ones on the different types of paper that you use interesting and useful as I try to re-ignite my art.

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