In trying to capture the feeling for my experiences over the past 12 months I have begun arranging some of the 10,000 photos I took on a large display board in my studio.

From time to time I change some of the photos or move them about. It has become a “short list” for my paintings that I intend to exhibit next March. I’m not going to paint every photo that I display. The board has enabled me to spend time just looking and reflecting on my time at each location that I photographed.

I need to “immerse” myself before I decide on a subject to paint. This board has already been a great help to me.

You will notice that I also have a number of photos on my art table that serve the same purpose as the display board.

Trying to “capture” the highlights of my 12-month holiday is an enormous task and I need time to re-visit my experiences.

My display board is fast becoming an asset, one that I already treasure.

How do you cultivate your inspiration?


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5 Responses to INSPIRATION

  1. chelsealeighbee says:

    Love that idea! Had a similar idea to that today- too bad I have limited space…

  2. dalesart216 says:

    What a great idea! Now I know what to do when I get back from my Asian trip in June/July. We are sailing from Fremantle to Singapore, then fly to China for 12 days, a week in Hong Kong and a week in KL. I intend taking a lot of photo’s for my collection of things to paint/draw, I’m also taking my sketch book and pencils. I’m so excited, and now with your idea, it will stay with me for a while longer as I search for that elusive ‘masterpiece’. By the way, your pics/ paintings/drawings etc are wonderful. Thank you!

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