My latest painting is of a huge boulder I saw when visiting Chillagoe’s famous Balancing Rock.

Chillagoe is about 200 klms west of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. Its landscape is unique, both above and below ground.  Huge boulders rise up from nowhere and are often covered by large trees. I wish I’d spent more time there. I would love to return some day and explore the area more fully. If you ever get the chance, go there!

As you can see I have posted my latest painting’s development in stages. It’s 60 x 40 cm, using Prismacolors on Canson pastel board.

This particular painting saw me use lots of small lines as I built up the various layers on both sides of the boulder.

Not all the paintings featured in my exhibition will be about rocks. I have decided to add more variety by including examples of waterfalls, cliff faces, beaches, and even some fish!

I am indebted to Pointillist, Georges Seurat for today’s painting. His style impressed me to the point (sorry for the pun) that in my early years of coloured pencil painting I laid down strokes of colour side by side, along with dots and dashes that gave the illusion of depth.

This week I am taking a break from painting for my March 2013 exhibition, and I’ve begun an entry for an art prize. Details on Wednesday along with some personal revelations.


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8 Responses to A BOLD BOULDER

  1. knieling2012 says:

    Well done, a very nice piece.

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