On Wednesday I collected my first series of archival digital prints from Foot and Playstead in Launceston. The quality is excellent as is the finish of each print. At 45 x 32cm, they are of sufficient size to make an impact when framed.

The majority of the images are from my recent trip on the Australian mainland and have close ties with the Australian land (and sea) scape. Each has only been printed once. I want each image to be special and unique.

But there’s a problem (or two). Will anyone be interested in buying these images? How much are they worth framed? Will a gallery be interested? Will the “uniqueness” of each image be their Achilles Heel?

The art market in Tasmania is flat, the economy is flat, jobless numbers have increased. Where’s the incentive to produce art?

I visited a gallery yesterday and last month they only sold one painting! No sales this month either. Is it all gloom and doom?

Despite “painting” such a depressing scene, I believe that it’s not the end of the world. I am developing my own marketing strategy and hope that the second half of the year brings me some joy.



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8 Responses to DIGITAL ART

  1. Richard congrats on the prints. They look great. Organic and earthy. I agree with your sentiments on the state of selling art. It is difficult. I too am looking for forward thinking methods to sell my work. But in the end we must love the process and have faith that the river’s current with take us where we need to go.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you, Walter. And you are right; it’s about self-belief and persistence, bravely taking new paths to who knows where?

      • There is so much to discover in our progression e.g. new tools, new softwares, new images. I am starting an art book and want to delve more deeply into my video art. Utilizing electronic soundscapes created by me. AND MARKET MY ART. Whew, a lot to do.

      • artkleko says:

        This sounds promising and exciting, Walter. I’m looking forward to your journey.

  2. artshed70 says:

    Good looking prints and good luck with the sales aspect.

  3. It will be interesting to see how these go Richard. I do enjoy digital art too though it does not quite match my passion for paint (all sorts as you are aware). The prints look great…… they have the “Richard” linking of natural forms, shapes and patterns with varying degrees of abstraction.

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