All-Clear to Land

60 x 40cm   Prismacolor pencils on pastel board

My second seascape has reached the touch-up stage and it’s been a joy painting water again after a long break.

The massive wave breaking over the rocks makes for a fairly dramatic scene, but despite all the calamity in the middle distance, there is a good deal of calm in the foreground.

I have added 5 seagulls to “force” the attention to the front of the painting, leaving the rest to play a secondary role.

There is a good deal of activity in both the sky and the waves that are contrasted by the serenity of the foreground.

I am planning to follow-up this painting with another featuring water, but in a different location.


Yesterday I took my first batch of 16 digital prints to my framer, and we selected 4 that will be framed. I will post some photos when I collect my work.


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4 Responses to SEASCAPE 2.

  1. One of my favourite subjects Richard, though I have never tried pencil for this. Like you I love the contrast of the power and energy of a dynamic wave exploding with the calm sectins of quiet water. Then there is the solidity of the rocks contrasting with moving water and spray.You have captured the feeling for this so well…. I do think that must be more tricky in pencil than my preferred watercolour where the water itself does some of the “work”. I look forward to seeing these “in the flesh”.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Evelyn. Yes, moving water is a little tricky in cp, but it’s not as “tight” to work with as one may expect. My next subject, the Cataract Gorge, is though rather tricky, not because of the water, but the many and varied rocks that are there.

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