I currently have 5 examples of my “not-so-recent” work on display at the Launceston Art Society’s headquarters at Eskleigh. ‘                                                                                                        “Deja Vous”, is an exhibition that gives members to show some of their older work that has been previously exhibited and not sold. It’s a great idea and 80 paintings are on display.

The issue of framing os one of the many challenges that artists face. Do I frame everything I produce? Do I choose the most expensive moulding? Do I need to frame my work? These are some of the questions we have no doubt asked ourselves from time to time.

I always frame my coloured pencil paintings with double, neutral mountboard and a frame that highlights my work. Framing is never a cheap exercise unless you use cheap frames. Cheap frames usually look cheap and rarely enhance a painting.

Coloured pencil paintings need to be framed the same as any other painting under glass. Let’s face it, in a gallery all artwork on display is competing with one another for attention.

I don’t mind if people asked me what medium I work in. They are often surprised when I tell them that it’s coloured pencil!

I know times are tough, but try not to cheapen your beautiful artwork with a second-rate frame. Be proud of what you do and make sure that you frame it appropriately.

These days I produce less work, better work and I’m careful what i frame and display in galleries. I want to give those who buy art value for their money. Shouldn’t we all?



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2 Responses to FRAMING

  1. gerryart says:

    So true Richard! framing is so important to the presentation of your work. It is a costly exercise but why put a cheap frame that can make the work look less inviting to those who may be looking to purchase. Like you say choose the best of your works and frame them with a great frame – a marriage made in artist heaven. Sure times are tough but I don’t think any of us paint for the money – a sale is a bonus!!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for your comments, Gerry. These tough times have certainly taught artists that we need to be a lot smarter than the “good old days”.

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