On Friday I collected my first 4 framed digital prints. I am very pleased with the finished product. Now to find a gallery that’s interested!

These are single-edition prints. I wanted them to be unique and special. I guarantee that they are “one-only” artworks. It’s taken me a lot of time preparing these images and I have enough at hand to hold an exhibition. Getting people interested in this type of art is going to be a challenge.

Each archival artwork, (approx 80cm x 60cm framed), has been professionally valued at between $550 and $600.

I have treated each work as a stand-alone image and have had them framed as you would for any painting or drawing of similar size.

How do you convince the art market that this work is worth buying?

Art is a complicated process of thinking, doing, presenting and marketing. Not everyone likes to be involved in all these stages, that’s where galleries come in and if they do their job, everyone benefits.

Nexs week I shall hit the road and search for a retailer.


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  1. Gerry says:

    They look really interesting Richard. Can you post a bigger pic of one? I would love to see it close up. Good luck with finding a “hanging space” – nice framing job too they look great.

  2. Dianne Gruber says:

    Richard, I love your imagination and artistic value of your colored pencil paintings. You show that your artistis eye has transferred over to digital art. Bravo to you again.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Dianne. I have been interested in digital art for sometime and I’m tempted now and then, to stop all my other forms of art and just concentrate on a single medium. I suppose while the passion burns, one should cultivate as many as possible.

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