I’ve taken delivery of 2 sets of (150) Prismacolor pencils that I ordered from the US. Each box is adorned with an example of the wonderful cp work of my good friend, Ester Roi. These sets look so good that it will be a shame to use them! One is destined for my next 2 cp classes, the other for myself.

Don’t you just love boxes of new pencils! Having to choose from 150 colours is a real treat, and I’m looking forward to trying out the 18 new colours that have been added to the Prismacolor collection.

I work with Prismacolors because they are the best I have ever used and they offer such a great range of colours, but that’s where the association ends.

I have received no support from their website. I am not allowed to post examples of my work, as I understand are any other artists outside the US. Why?

My emails have had the standard replies, but I’ve never been sent an explanation to my requests to have my work featured.

If I could find a better product I’d use it without hesitation. I understand Luminance pencils are highly regarded, but they aren’t available in Australia.

In my cp classes I use and praise Prismacolor pencils, and I’m sure that I have helped increased sales in Tasmania and Far North Queensland. I get no support from the manufacturers, but I recommend what I use and that’s Prismacolors first, Polychromos second and Coloursoft, third.

It’s obvious that there aren’t enough units sold in Australia. We are a small nation and cp art isn’t as popular as the painting mediums. The funny thing is that if people like me had more support from manufacturers, there would certainly be an increase in the sales of their products.

Saturday: More examples of my digital art.


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  1. Kate says:

    They are certainly my favorite. I haven’t treated myself to a new set of PrismaColors in over 20 years. Just buying the singles that I need here and there. But I know the feeling of getting a new SET. I received a set of 72 Sennelier oil pastels from my husband for Christmas. Goodness!! All of that potential art just sitting there in that box! BTW, nice photo of you. Warmest Regards, Kate

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Kate. I love Sennelier Oil Pastels, and have some myself. Instead of yoga, I recommend that people just sit and stare at boxes of pencils, pastels, paints etc… so calming!
      Warmest regards, Richard

      • Kate says:

        I might try some colored pencil set yoga! That’s funny… thanks for the much needed chuckle!

      • artkleko says:

        The scary thing, Kate, is that it works! Spend 5 minutes with your oil pastels. Put them on a table, sit down next to them, look at them and set your creative mind adrift…

  2. Gerry says:

    Ah the pleasure of a package of new art gear – puts a smile on the face doesn’t it Richard. I am waiting for a package too – its like Christmas – new paint, new bits and pieces for making marks..

  3. Gerry says:

    ME TOO!!! don’t care about clothes, make up etc but wow an art shop gets the excitement level up!! lol

  4. Doreen Cross says:

    I use Prismacolor, Polychromos and Caran d’ Ache but my preference is the Prismacolor.
    I love to get new art toys..It’s like being a kid in a lolly shop. There are a few art shops in au that stock the Prismacolor . I have only seen the smaller tins though.
    I know you will have so much fun with them.
    I am excited for you. They look so yummy.

  5. Don Duchene says:

    I met Ester, because of that picture on that box of pencils! Am so happy to have been motivated back to pencil drawing with my Icarus Drawing Board!! Nice to meet you, as well, Richard.

  6. Oh my, I have pencil envy now, how fabulous all those colours looked. I agree there is nothing so full of untapped potential as a new colours, what ever the type. I will have to upgrade my collection with the new introduced colours. I am pleased that I was not the only one disappointed about prismacolor’s lack of inclusion of artists outside USA. I sent them an email to ask about this policy, but didn’t receive a reply.

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