Near Kempton

40 x 30 cm Prismacolors on pastel board

My good friend Kevin Crase is both a gifted teacher and photographer. One technique that Kevin employs is of great interest to me. Photo Cleansing involves the removal of any information that is considered “clutter” and is irrelevant to a subject, resulting in it being seen in its “natural” state.

In the case of architecture, Kevin sees his subjects a simple, unmarked structures, free of “clutter” such as power lines and signs etc.

Today’s photo is a coloured pencil painting that I completed last Sunday of an area in Tasmania known as the Southern Midlands. I have removed a good deal of dead trees and rocks leaving a scene that has very little clutter. The colour palette is simple, and deliberately so.

I like this “fresh” way of seeing the Australian landscape and plan to paint more examples in due course.

Friday: The CP Warrior.


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  1. dalesart216 says:

    Good morning Richard,
    I really like the simplicity of this and the way it is decluttered. Never thought of doing that. I look at a potential picture and think “It’s too busy” and leave it alone, and yet if I decluttered it, it would be a great one. Thanks!

    • artkleko says:

      Good morning to you too, Dale.
      Sometimes, simplicity can tell us a lot about what we see, and more importantly, what we delete.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kate says:

    Hello! I like this landscape/abstraction but I do miss your signature style. Perhaps it needs a red line?

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