There is no doubting the benefits of having your own website, but here in Tasmania, there aren’t as many artists’ sites as one would expect from such a vibrant art community.

The reasons are many and varied, but at the end of the day we are a small island, with just over 500,000 people.

Not all artists I know have a website. They choose to sell their work through exhibitions, representation in galleries or by word of mouth.

Websites are generally not cheap to establish, especially if you choose a third party to do the setting up and maintenance. Some are suitably skilled and motivated to do the task themselves.

My website was established in 2007 and has served me well, but it’s very much out-dated. I need a new, fresh site, one that I can maintain myself.

I have enlisted the help of web guru Chris Ikin and have charged him with the task of building me a site, one that I can look after and regularly update. I want a site that contains my 2 blogs, galleries, sales and updates about my work and the classes I conduct.

It’s early days, but we have made a start.

The cover page, or website face is very important. Today I have featured one idea that I have.

I hope that my new site will be up and running in a few weeks.



About artkleko

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5 Responses to A NEW WEBSITE

  1. dalesart216 says:

    I like this idea so far!

  2. Doreen Cross says:

    Best wishes Richard for your new website. I will look forward to seeing it up and running. I am at the same place where I feel I need a change. At the moment I have added a blog to my Website until I decide what to do. If this works well I will stick with it. Again I wish you all the best with the site.

  3. This cover page looks good Richard. Simple and elegant.

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