Is there somewhere a place where you really feel “at home”, yet you don’t live there? I have a few including the Daintree and Chillagoe in Far North Queensland and the Derwent Valley in Tasmania.

But there’s a part of Tasmania known as the Southern Midlands, that has had an attraction for me for so long, that it was inevitable that one day I would paint some of it.

The problem is that I am in the middle of preparing for the first of two one-man shows to be held next year. Typical, I get motivated on “conflicting” subjects! What do I do? Well, I paint both, don’t I? As mad as it sounds I have been “painting for two” over the past week.

Today I have posted the first 2 in my Southern Midlands series, with more in the planning stages. These are examples of “landscape cleansing”, where I have only included what I feel is necessary. At the present time there are clearly defined green and brown patches on the landscape that look quite alien with the usual parched colours that the area is known for.

At the same time I have commenced an entry for next year’s Glover Prize, and continued with paintings from my recent 12 month trip to the Australian mainland.

Busy, busy, busy!

On Friday I’ll post photos from my coloured pencil workshop in Hobart last weekend.



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2 Responses to A SPECIAL PLACE

  1. Excellent work Richard. Beautiful paintings. They capture the feel of the terrain quite well. Good luck with your future shows.

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