The ageing process is always with us. The longer we live, the more we age. The older we get, the more we think about ageing. What was once so easy to do now becomes a real effort or is no longer on our agenda.

As artists age they (hopefully) become wiser and smarter. Our way of thinking matures and our work often reflects this.

There are days when my fingers tell me that I’ve done enough art and that I should rest. Some days I take heed of the pain and “step away from the studio”. There are times though when I “soldier on”.

I found a rock at Hervey Bay (Queensland) earlier in the year that I think some up the ageing process rather well.

Today’s featured painting will be part of my exhibition in March next year.

Friday: Sowing art seeds.


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4 Responses to AGEING

  1. Gerry says:

    Yes Richard ageing is a fact of life but at least we have the freedom to choose as we get older if we actually want or even need to do something that we would have placed importance on in the past for varying reasons!! Like you I am trying to paint smarter by getting rid of the “fluff” in my paintings – trying being the operative word!

  2. Agree wholeheartedly. I did not even get to the Art Circle opening …. blame ageing factors.(first one I have missed and I heard it was a good night). I did not know you were judging it. Sorry I missed you and Val.

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