As I like to work in themes, I take the time to ‘research’ as many ideas as possible. Not all of my ideas reach my easel, but when they do they usually result in a number of paintings.

I’m not a spontaneous thinker or art producer. I like to plan my work, often well ahead.

Take last week for example.

I was in Devonport at the invitation of the Northwest Art Circle to judge and open their 23rd annual exhibition. All went well and my wife and I also enjoyed some wonderful hospitality.

The following day we visited Lillico Beach, near Devonport. I’ve visited there before, but I hadn’t really spent a lot of time there.

I was ‘on a break’ from painting groups of stones, but thought that the opportunity to photograph and gather some interesting subjects was too good to miss.

I have included some examples of some of the photos that I took.

Gathering ideas is all about ‘opportunities’. You may not want to paint that particular subject today, but there will come the time when you’re looking for something new to paint.

I file all of the photos I take and print those I think may make good paintings.  Some often find their way onto my display board or are attached to my drafting table. They sit there. I look at them, then one day an idea is born!

It’s like planting seeds, art seeds.

I enjoy harvest time!


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2 Responses to ART SEEDS

  1. Oh our lovely beach treasures… have been “hooked” on them lately. And there among your words is another wonderful theme for natural science people like us…. seeds and seed heads. Wonderful shapes, often excellent in photograms or heliotrophic art, and then there is the symbolism of new life/renewal/ promise of a future/cycles.

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