Most of my coloured pencil art is fairly large compared to a lot of work that I see on the Internet. My standard size is 60 x 40 cm, but I often go to 80 x 60 cm, even 120 x 80 cm on occasions.

There are those times though when I “scale down” my work to 40 x 30 cm and to 30 x 20 cm.

It all depends on the subject and the reason for the painting in the first place.

I find smaller works quite challenging and rather time consuming. In fact, I can spend as much time on a smaller painting as I would on my “standard size”.

One has to “say more with less” in a small work. Every stroke counts, as does accuracy.

Today’s photo is of 4 “small’ paintings on Canson paper. All were challenging, but  rewarding. The top right painting won me a prize.

Maybe size isn’t everything after all!



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6 Responses to SMALL

  1. gerryart says:

    Small paintings are brilliant to do – like you say can take as much time but a really good way to spend quality time – a great learning curve too – especially if you paint big most of the time!! Love them

  2. Doreen Cross says:

    Stunning Pencil work Richard. Love them all.

  3. Cathy Pascoe says:

    I work small usually….8×10″ for me. Right now I’m working on a 5×7.”

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