I have completed 3 paintings of rocks from Hervey Bay and have commenced a 4th.

The contrast between stones continues to fascinate me and hence the number of paintings to date.

I now have completed 18 paintings for my exhibition next March.

At this point in time, I am displaying a “bias” towards rocks from Cow Bay in the Daintree, Darwin and Hervey Bay. I suppose this is not necessarily a bad thing, but want to ensure that my exhibition of at least 24 paintings is varied enough.

Back to number 4!

Tomorrow I am ¬†spreading the good news about coloured pencils (teaching) at Latrobe and I’ll post a report next week.



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2 Responses to HERVEY BAY TRIO

  1. Richard you are on fire at the moment. Love these rock paintings can’t wait to see the fourth

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Karen. I must admit that I have had a good run of late. Having such a wonderful choice of subjects though, makes me conscious of the danger of ‘duplicating’ my work. I don’t wish to become a ‘supermarket’ artists. lol!

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