Several of my coloured pencil paintings in my forthcoming one-man show in March next year, will feature aspects of the old smelters at Chillagoe and the surrounding landscape.

Chillagoe is situated about 20 klms west of Cairns in Far North Queensland. The smelters may have ceased, but there’s plenty on offer for willing tourists from caves, to the unique landscape of the area, not to mention the old smelter site. Astronomers regularly frequent the town.

My series of Chillagoe artworks to date have concentrated on the area in and around the old smelters. I am however, preparing for a large painting that will bring together both the past and present.

Holes in the slag depicted in the top 3 photos represent the drilling that took place in the smelters’ heyday.

I intend incorporating the nuts, bolts, rivets and bits of steel with the slag, bricks and rocks of the smelters’ hillside into a painting that will be as much an historical commentary as it will a landscape.



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  1. That will be very interesting Richard! Looking forward to seeing how you progress with this project/set of paintings. Nice to hear of the background to it.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Eileen. I have 4 more paintings to complete before I commence a larger piece on Chillagoe. I will post the first in a series of photos of the Chillagoe landscape later in the week on my photoblog.

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