Mallacoota is a delightful seaside village on the Southeast coast of Victoria, Australia. It’s very popular with tourists in the warmer months and was one of the best places my wife, Val and I stayed at when we recently had a 12 month holiday on the Australian mainland.

Today’s photo is of the first of a short series of paintings of rocks from a nearby beach.

This is one quite different from the other 21 paintings that I have completed for my exhibition next March.

I like the way this small group of stones ‘rests’ in the crevice and the geology of the surrounding cliff face.

I’m not sure how many paintings will come from this area, maybe one or two more.

I am presently working on a very different painting, very different indeed, as you will see in Monday’s post.

Monday: Abstract landscape



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4 Responses to MALLACOOTA

  1. Love this one Richard. The joint lines give a great linear contrast to the form of the rounded, weathered stones. This is shaping up to be an amazing exhibition. Each individual is strong and together they will be WOW!

  2. Great composition in this piece.

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