I love creating abstract art.

It’s not that popular with cp lovers, especially buyers, but it’s so satisfying, even therapeutic to create. I can sit for hours at my drawing table and work quietly and patiently on any sized abstract.

For me this is art on another level. It’s about ‘feeling and interpretation’, rather than realism and obvious meaning.

My next major show in March next year already contains 22 realistic paintings, some of which, ‘hint’ at abstraction. But my next 2 paintings will be very abstract in ‘look’, but strong in meaning.

When my wife Val and I stayed a night at Avoca Beach, near Gosford in NSW, I noticed some strongly marked bricks in a wall in our cabin.

The first is featured today, but what does it mean?

For me, I see a symbol of outback Australia, the colours of the landscape, and the shapes within it. This painting evokes strong memories of where I have been and it’s rather personal, but it’s a painting that can be shared.

How do you interpret it?


I will post a photo when it’s finished as well as photos of the creation of the second painting in this ‘mini series’.

Wednesday: Evandale Art Workshop



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  1. This is beautiful Richard! I can see the influence of the stones that you usually do – the colours are beautiful. I also love abstract because you can just let yourself go! When I do this myself, I call it my ‘free-ing up’ from being too tight and close to the work, it is so liberating! This is a gorgeous painting – I love it! Well done, will look forward to seeing more!

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Eileen for your gracious words. It’s nice to share a piece of esoteric art with someone who understands and appreciates what is something quite personal.

  2. I love your piece, and abstract work as well. The meditative quality in abstact art, the process, and the mysteries revealed are endless. Even when I am working from a photograph to create a digital piece, I search for ways to implement abstraction in its content. Abstraction is everywhere.

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