This abstract, the second in a series that is derived from brick patterns is almost finished. Which way would you view this artwork? My plan is to display it can be seen top, centre, but with a lot of abstract art it’s possible to view it more than one way.

The response to my latest foray into abstraction has been most heartening. I have yet to frame my work and display it, but I my self-confidence has been given a boost and for that I am grateful. I fear though that taking the next step will result in failure and disappointment. I am not a pessimist, just a realist.

The Tasmanian art market is small, conservative and it’s nestled in an economy that is one step away from being in recession. So what’s the point of framing this work and displaying it to an audience whose members rarely understand, appreciate or speak “abstract”? Maybe I love being an “art martyr”. Come to think of it, I have enough trouble selling realistic coloured pencil paintings, let alone abstract ones!

I have little experience of travelling on the “art gravy train”. Over the years I have enjoyed moderate success sales-wise, but my high points have been my results in a number of art awards. I’ve never painted “popular” art subjects, preferring to be myself. For any artist this is never an easy road to travel. As I have aged I have become more determined to do “my own thing”. Some may call me stubborn, others (I hope) will see me as dedicated and passionate for both my medium and its message.


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8 Responses to ENDANGERED?

  1. You certainly have the attitude to be successful Richard. I can relate to your experience as an artist. I too have had only moderate success. Espeically if one adds the monetary aspect to it. Hang in there. Just keep doing what you love.

  2. artshed70 says:

    It’s a pity that you feel constrained by the economic conditions and what you feel will be popular. I say frame it, hang it and you just might be surprised who might like it.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks mate for your encouragement. I will exhibit at least 3 of these in my major show next March and I’ll be paying particular attention to any comments!

  3. Keep at your abstracts Richard, for the love of it and the personal satisfaction it gives you especially , as it makes you feel good. Its much the same here, recession is so huge in Ireland and no-one has money to buy work so for me in particular, I rarely frame my abstracts. I get good feedback online when I show them which is good for the confidence but the joy in the freedom of doing this type of work is so great and like Artshed70 says there – you might be surprised who might like it if you frame it and hang it. It will be interesting for you to see the feedback you get for the 3 that you put into your March show.Art trends change too and people change their outlook, ideas and what they like so you never know….
    I love your paintings – keep up the good work!

  4. I definitely see you as dedicated, creative and talented above stubborn Richard. Abstract art is difficult but fulfilling. By the way I like the same orientation of your work as you chose. I also like the overall layout of the 4 selections as an artwork. I think perhaps one reason that the top centre layout works better as an abstract is that we don’t try to read it as something else…. e.g LHS one to me suggests a figure (head and body). I know that is not the intent but it is what this viewer’s mind sees. Ever the analyst I have other ideas one why the centre top works best but I am sure you don’t need to hear them. In the end it just looks right to me.

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