I rarely use pink in any of my paintings, but lately I have used it in some of my rock studies of Hervey Bay.

My third abstract in my “brick” series has a good deal of pink that evokes a “fleshy” feel.

This one will be quite different than the first two in that it’s encased in a frame which is actually mortar. I want to “shut out” the surrounding areas that will be quite deep in colour (Henna).

I aim to complete this painting by early next week because on the 11th Val and I are heading to Central Australia for a short break, where I hope to gather more ideas for future paintings.

I hear that there’s rather a large rock over there that’s worth a look…


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2 Responses to IN THE PINK

  1. dalesart216 says:

    Richard, your work is very different and very much you. Looks great. Also, about THAT rock…..I’ve been to it twice, once when it was extremely hot and the flies were an inch thick, and the second was when it had been raining and there were beautiful waterfalls cascading off it. What a spectacular sight.

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