On Monday I received copies of the latest edition of With Love to the World, a quarterly Christian Magazine produced in Australia.

One of my paintings from the Liffey Valley was featured on the cover.

It’s a great feeling seeing one’s work in another format, and in a smaller scale.

I have included the text that I wrote:


Earlier this year, March 18 to be exact, my wife Val and I, returned home to Tasmania after spending 12 months on the “big island”. During our time away

we experienced first-hand the work of our Creator God and it never ceased to amaze me how special this country of ours is.

While away I completed 25 paintings, some of which will feature in an exhibition in Launceston next March. My artwork will be a celebration of creation, featuring such places as Darwin, the Daintree, Chillagoe and the Atherton Tablelands, with more on “the drawing board”.

Have you ever stood on a cliff and watched the ocean as its waves roll in from far away? Have you ever walked a lonely beach and watched sea birds as they dive-bomb the surf for food? Have you ever watched an eagle as it glided overhead? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer power of a mighty waterfall? Have you ever watched a giant crocodile sunbaking? Have you ever had a spiritual moment in a tropical rainforest? Have you ever experienced a tropical sunrise? Have you ever swum with tropical fish? Have you watched a sunset at Cooktown? Have you ever visited the underground world at Chillagoe?

These were just some of our experiences on our trip, but they would never have occurred if not for the work of our Creator God.

Everything in this world has been created for a reason. There is balance, harmony and design everywhere, from the most delicate plants and organisms to the mightiest creatures, greatest landforms and ocean depths, the seasons, even night and day. Textures, patterns, shapes, smells, sounds and reason are all part of God’s wonderful work. This world is no accident, chance was never in the creation equation. Everything we see and experience is part of God’s ultimate plan. Where do we fit into all of this?

Unfortunately, many have difficulty respecting all that this planet has to offer.

Society seems more concerned with “harvesting” than “nurturing”. The result? Land degradation, climate issues, resource rights to name but a few. The “balance” there once was has now become a “balancing act”. On one side there are those who believe the earth’s resources are there for the taking, on the other, there is a belief that we need to manage what we have been given, even if it means restrictions in some instances.

Where is God in all of this?

He’s watching and waiting…

We need to be good managers if we want to continue enjoying the gifts God has provided for us through creation. Acknowledging, not challenging the work of our Creator is a practice that would benefit everyone and everything.

What are we leaving for future generations?


I had quite a variety of photos and paintings to choose from for the cover. I finally chose a painting, not from my trip, but from one of my trips in Tasmania.

The Liffey Valley is just a 45-minute drive from where I live in Launceston and is a most beautiful place to visit. The Liffey Falls is one of 3 waterfalls on a section of the Liffey River that is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

The sheer majesty of this waterfall is only part of a wilderness forest experience that occurs in such a secluded place. Feel the spray from pure highland rains, listen to the sounds of tumbling water and native birds, the crunch of leaves underfoot, look up at ancient trees as they peer back at you. Smell the clean air. Is this a time warp? No, it’s the work of our Creator God, as it has been, as it is and as it should be.

The Liffey Falls like so many places in this great land in which we live stand  not only as a  testament of God’s greatness, but also of His generosity.

Our God is an awesome God!



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7 Responses to PUBLISHED

  1. Another success… well done Richard. Great image for a mag cover… so strong in design and great contrasts

  2. AMEN! Well written Richard and a wonderful testimony to the greatness of God!
    Congratulations also for your artwork being chosen for the cover.

  3. Harry Kent says:

    Congrats, Richard. A great cover. I know what you mean about the excitement of seeing one’s work in another format. It’s a terrific way of sharing one’s work round a bigger audience.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Harry, seeing one’s work in print gives you the opportunity to see it in a totally different perspective. A different audience than a gallery, adds to the ‘mix’.

  4. Absolutely beautiful Richard – well done!

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