BRICK: Landscape DNA

80 x 40cm

Prismacolor pencils on Canson pastel board

My third abstract based on the patterns I found on a number of bricks, is close to completion.

In this painting I have included a ‘frame’ which is actually the motor surrounding the particular brick that I chose.

I wanted to ‘shut in’ the brick, but I also was conscious that doing such a thing may isolate the brick and make its presence too obvious. I decided to add some of the other shapes that I recorded on the wall where this theme originated.

At 80 x 40cm, it’s big enough to attract attention. When suitably framed I hope it will make a strong contribution to my exhibition next March.

I love the relationship between the brick and its surroundings. To me it closely resembles a landscape, hence the title.



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4 Responses to BRICK ABSTRACT 3.

  1. Gerry says:

    Like this – my weird imagination makes me see a footprint on a brick doormat – sort of abstract thinking here.

  2. I love it Richard! I love the colours and the contrast between the different sections.
    It instantly reminds me of our old local church where they revamped it into a beautiful modern building after it closed down, using all the materials already there but re-cycling them around the building. Like the altar is now an art exhibition space and they have peeled back the plaster in places behind where the altar was to reveal the designs on the wall when it was first build hundreds of years ago. The confessional booths are now audio booths etc., but when they took down the beautiful marble railings from the choir gallery, they spliced cross sections of it and put them up for us to see the different stones that were incorporated in the making of those rails and this is what reminds me of your painting! Part of these rails are also showing the ‘Library’ sign outside the building too. So there you are Richard and that’s why I love abstract myself because each viewer of the work can see something different in them! (:o)

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