I am currently working on several art projects with a variety of challenges and expected completion dates. Some of these projects are tied to themes and are therefore ongoing.


One particular project that I began about 3 weeks ago involves the design and completion of a large painting of the Southern Midlands area of Tasmania.


Plans are well underway and I hope to make a start within a month.


Part of my research involves making sense of a number of photos. I have narrowed my thinking down to 6, that I have displayed on a small noticeboard that is on display in my studio.


Each day I look at them and as ideas come to me I write them on paper and they are attached to a larger board.


I will begin this painting when i have fully resolved exactly what I want to ‘say’.








About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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  1. dalesart216 says:

    I look forward to seeing the outcome…..

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