Now and then I like to ‘play’ with some of my art subjects.


Recently I have been involved with my exhibition in March next year. I have so far painted 25 compositions involving rocks, but today’s image is a small (20 cm sq) ‘play piece’ with a more decorative look.


Being a square, I thought it would be good to include 4 possible views. I prefer the top left.





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  1. These are beautiful done out in this tile format Richard and I like the top left best too and top right also. You are so artistic! I love the design element in these and esp the colours! They would be gorgeous as actual ceramic tiles! Beautiful!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Eileen. I must admit that I have for many years admired tiles, especially those from ancient cultures. I have discovered some while in Melbourne that ‘stopped me in my tracks’. I will post some totally new work next week on my blog that will see a big change in my art direction(s).
      Warmest regards, Richard

  2. Gillian says:

    Hi Richard – thank you for getting back in touch. It’s good to see you’ve been busy in my absence and I hope you’re enjoying the Tasmanian life once again.

    I like your tiled image and yes, the top-left one works best to my eyes. The colours remind me of liquorice allsorts – now I’ve put on 2 pounds just thinking about that. Hmm. x

  3. Tomas says:

    Dear Richard, thank you for the “DECORATIVE ROCKS” I would name the viewing of your pictures the best art therapy. Personally I discovered the the good fairies disguised as colorful bricks here and everything has changed then. It was the healing transformation.
    Art by Tomas bow to you.

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