This past week has been quite momentous for me art-wise. I’ve decided to change the direction(s) of my work and after a lot of soul-searching I have devised a plan that I think will not only work, but result in me being a lot ‘freer’ in expressing my ideas.

Today’s images will be the subjects for my first 3 abstract paintings. I’m not staring this immediately as I have commenced a large painting (120 x 80cm) of the bushfire I featured in my last post.

Where do you think these images came from? Believe it or not, they are some of the (many) tiles I photographed at Melbourne’s Federation Square. These tiles are amazing! I was so inspired by them that I just had to record those that caught my eye. Most have distinct ‘landscape’ qualities, many relate to Central Australia, a place that I’ve recently visited. I find them quite exciting and although abstract in nature, they speak a lot about the Australian landscape.

I initially intended to paint them as rectangular subjects, but now I’m seeing them as square compositions, as is their natural format.

Painting square compositions isn’t easy, and I’ll have to work out what size each canvas will be.

I won’t be simply ‘copying’ each image. I intend to add my own touches and definitions.

Now to buy some square canvases.

Monday: Painting a tragedy.


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7 Responses to ABSTRACTS IN OILS

  1. This will be so interesting Richard! And I can feel your excitement about this new work already – these tiles are beautiful and I can see how they inspire you! I love the colours and designs in them. Enjoy your new avenues in exploration and I will look forward to following your work! 🙂

  2. These are really inspirational images. I can imagine exploring them as very textural work in oils or in acrylics with all the fantastic texture media we have access to these days. (tactile surfaces are a large part of my TOUCH exhibition opening at Wynyard on Saty 8th Sept. I do not expect you to come but would be delighted if you and Val were able) I look forward to seeing your interpretations. As always I find your blog and sharing of your continuing art journey so valuable.

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