I recently received an offer from overseas publisher to write a book about coloured pencil art. There was no expectation of money up-front, in fact, I was to be paid for both my preliminary effort (synopsis) and for the book itself, if my idea was approved. I must admit that it was a good offer and an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience particularly in the Northern Hemisphere.

After much consideration I declined. I wasn’t afraid of the task ahead, it’s just that the timeline was far too short and I have so many projects on the go at present that I simply wouldn’t do the book the justice it deserved.

All is not lost however, as I am in the process of writing a publication. I haven’t set a completion date. It’s more of a ‘long-term work in progress’.

Despite the plethora of publications in the world of books there is always room for another one, provided it’s ‘different’, and that is what I aiming for in my publication.

There’s no end of ‘how to do it’ books that give excellent advice and direction. I want my book to be more about the ‘why’ than the ‘how’. Seeing an artist’s work, even seeing them ‘in action’, is only part of their ‘story’. Understanding why they work in a particular way and understanding what their work means (to them) is I believe, more important.

We are all individuals and it’s fascinating to observe and identify our differences. Art has a lot to tell us about how individuals react and what makes each one of us ‘different’.

My art is about the recognition of design in the Australian landscape through representational and non-representational drawings and paintings. On occasions I employ memory, history and emotion, especially in social commentaries and symbolic work. I try to see things differently and relay them in visual statements, mainly in coloured pencil. This is a real challenge and it’s not without its disappointments.

Faith is a strong motivator.



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2 Responses to BOOK OFFER

  1. Edna says:

    Richard, It is good to be recognised by being asked to write about a particular area of your expertise. Doing it your way in your own time is probably a better way to go.

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