The Tasmanian forestry industry is virtually at a standstill. There have been a number of factors and forces involved and its future is yet to be determined.

It was appropriate that I should add today’s painting to my collection of ‘works in progress’.

While going through my folders last week I ‘found’ today’s featured painting, one that I had commenced a few years ago, but never finished.

This is a social commentary and sees the opposing forces (conservationists and the forest industry) in a game of chess. The game has reached ‘checkmate’, but is there a winner?

I shall be adding some surreal objects, such as tables being pierced by axes, half-buried chainsaws and chairs hung from gallows, all part of my ‘message’.

I shall comment later following further development of this painting..

Wednesday: Bushfire update



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2 Responses to FORESTRY TRAUMA

  1. This is very interesting Richard and as you say it is a insight into whats going on between the conservationists and the forest industry with what looks like the conservationists losing the battle. So sad to see trees chopped down, I personally love trees. What you propose to do in your work will be a startling message and will definitely be a very interesting comment on how you feel about all of this happening. Will look forward to seeing your pieces. Keep up the good work!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for your comments Eileen. Actually, it’s the forestry industry that is losing the battle. I too, love trees, but I’m trying to see the issue from both sides as I think it’s important to let the viewers make up their own mind when they see the finished painting.

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