It’s been nearly 30 years since I worked with chalk pastels, but last weekend I decided to find my collection that I had carefully put away and see what I could do.

I didn’t expect any first-up miracles, but I have really enjoyed the first 2 landscapes that I have produced. Both are examples of the landscape to be found in the southern Midlands area of Tasmania.

With so many artists working in pastels, it’s vital that my work looks different, and different (I think) it is!

I am featuring large areas of intense, ‘clean’ colour with a strong light source. There is little emphasis on detail as I want the viewer to use their imagination and ‘immerse’ themselves in my work.

There’s plenty of subjects for me to paint, it’s just a matter of keeping focussed. One subject that I have particular interest in is my liking for rocks. I want to compare the difference between pastels and coloured pencils.

Fortunately, I have ‘acquired’ an excellent collection of artist’s-quality soft pastels. I will of course visit my local art store and see what’s new in pastels and maybe I’ll invest in a few more!

While exploring the potential of pastels I still intend to maintain my interest in coloured pencils, at least for the time being.


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2 Responses to PASTEL PAINTING

  1. Richard I do love these. And I agree they are different to the predominant look of the many excellent pastel works which are inreasingly exhibited. I also love soft pastel and have been thinking of bringing them out to play with (June’s influence maybe)… has been a little while. I did win the pastel award at TASart a number of years ago. Something of which I am proud … not the big one like you, but it is such a good exhibition that even to be hung is good. I am only putting one forward again this year… silk so they may not accept that, Eskleigh won’t. I like to be different.Your works in pastel are different… suits my senses. I like using predominantly the feathering technique for pastel these days. I saw a portrait in DRAG collection that I loved using feathering. Gives a tapestry like effect and subtle changes. Very contrasting to your boldness and strong delineation. Vive la difference…. in art as well as gender.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Evelyn for your comments. Like you, I thinks that it’s important to be ‘different’, especially with so much art about these days.
      As with other art mediums, pastels have their ‘rules’, but I have decided to ignore most of them and produce unconventional work. I hope the buying public are interested!
      I hope you do well at TasArt, and just keep being yourself!

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