My 7th pastel painting of Tasmania’s Midlands is a little more detailed than the other 6. I wanted to simplify the composition as much as I could, but I didn’t want to lose the integrity of the area in question.

This is another ‘layered’ landscape, with 3 layers of simplicity underneath 3 layers of varying complexity, like a layer cake (I’m getting hungry).

I’m enjoying this series and I have completed an 8th painting that I shall post  on my blog on Monday.

Next week I hope to spend a day touring the Midlands area (again) and take more photos for possible further paintings. I want to enter the Northern Midlands Art Prize next year, and this would be a good opportunity to find that ‘special subject’ for a painting befitting this prestigious award.

In the meantime I need to return to my major exhibition that I’m having next March at the Providore Mill Art Gallery in Launceston. I have a problem that I need to resolve, and it needs attention sooner than later. What is it? I shall post an article next week.

Monday: Beyond the Midlands.


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4 Responses to MIDLANDS 7

  1. Another Fantastic painting Richard. This series is just simply marvelous. Also I really like the way you share your process. I seldom talk about my process. Not sure if I feel confident to or just harboring it like it a secret. Perhaps for me, in a post, it’s about expression and nothing else. Anyway I always enjoy your commentary. And good luck with the show.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Walter. I suppose it’s natural that I share my work and work processes because of my teaching background. To be honest, my blog helps me ‘sift’ through what I do and more importantly, why I do it.
      I particularly enjoy your poetry, so much said with so few words. Keep up the good work!

      • Yes, I can understand how the teaching aspect can influence your process. And the blog as a “sifting” mechanism. I feel virtually everyday something in my life has a complexity about it that needs to be addressed. I find it amazing sometimes, how the solution, or the attempt to find the solution so readily manifests itself in my art. I am very thankful for that process.

      • artkleko says:

        Couldn’t agree more Walter.

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