My 8th Midlands pastel painting is another example of ‘layering’. Areas of detail compliment areas of relative sparseness.

This part of Tasmania never receives enough rain, hence the ‘dry’ look that much of the landscape has. Irrigation often results in green ‘bands’ that look rather odd in such a setting.

I find this landscape rather stimulating from an artist’s point of view, but I’m not sure what direction my interest will take after I have spent another day out and about, this time in the central and northern Midlands areas sometime this week.

Friday: A coloured pencil dilemma.


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4 Responses to MIDLANDS 8.

  1. Intriguing … a colored pencil dilemna 🙂 nice piece here Richard.

  2. Teun says:

    Richard, what a great series you are doing with these! Love that clarity! I’m living on the other side of the globe but I would like to visit that area you are depciting so nicely…

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