This week I completed a triptych of drawings ( each 40 x 15 cm) that featured the patterns of 3 bricks. This may not sound exciting, but I wanted to include in my exhibition next March 3 large paintings of brick patterns that I saw at Avoca Beach, near Gosford on the New South Wales coast earlier in the year.

The problem was that the 3 do not directly relate to the 24 that I am featuring. Although not directly of rocks, they have ‘rock-like’ qualities and they are way more abstract than the rest of my collection. I want to have ‘visual variety’ in my exhibition, and feel the addition of these abstract paintings will add a broader dimension to the display.

These particular bricks have strong links to the Australian landscape. They are made from the land (clay) and some contain patterns and firing marks that remind me of certain parts of Australia.

I am keen to develop this thinking a lot further and paint something of ‘major’ proportions that is directly linked to the Australian landscape.


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2 Responses to DILEMMA

  1. Good luck Richard. I like the way you are “thinking” things through.

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