I do believe that after many months of research I have reached a turning point in my quest to bring new meaning to my artwork. I’ve been striving to produce something new and different, but at the same time more abstract with links to the Australian landscape. This is an exciting time for me, and I am really enjoying the process of creating work such as the one featured today, despite it being tedious and exact.

I’ve experimented with several mediums, but coloured pencil is the most suitable for work of this size (80 x 40 cm). Larger artworks may see the introduction of paint or pastel.

My subject is a brick….. not that exciting when one thinks about it, but I have my reasons for choosing this subject.

Bricks are fired blocks of clay. The ingredients for this brick came from Northern Tasmania, Deloraine and Scottsdale to be exact. I believe that each brick carries within it, the DNA of the landscape from which it came.

When this painting is finished, you can be the judge(s). I ‘see’ areas of landscape in each of the bricks I have chosen, especially in the firing marks and blemishes. This particular painting is already showing ‘Paul Klee-like’ qualities (no pun intended). I have been a fan of Klee’s imaginative, dream-like work for a long time, and see his influence in this type of work.

I shall post a photo upon this painting’s completion.


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